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i love paul walker THIS much...

i love paul walker!

mrs. na-na walker
27 April
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well, the peeps in my ghetto call me "gunther", "choochie", "na-na" (shout out to la-la), "nanners", "mommy moo-moo", and "banana"... but you can call me whatever you want! so, yeah. i LOVE food... and candy... and ice cream... and stuff along those lines. mi familia consists of many people, and i hate school. that's basically it. oh, yeah... and if you're lucky, i'll tell you about the story of the chachiwaca! it's a good one, i'll tell you what! wait! i almost forgot! did you know i'm married to paul walker, and guys with braces turn me on? just kidding... i mean, i am married to paul walker, but guys with braces don't turn me on.